How to Deal With Online Marketing Overwhelm

When you run a business, you spend a lot of your time making decisions: how should you brand your product, what should you be outsourcing, what marketing angles should you use, which software will be the best for your needs, etc. All of these decisions can be taxing on your mental load and ability to think clearly.

Many successful people like President Obama and Mark Zuckerburg have even decided to wear the same outfit every day in order to reduce decision fatigue.  

Some decisions can be so overwhelming that they can cause analysis paralysis. You’re not sure which path to take so you put something on pause and don’t take any.

I get it: your business is your baby and you don’t want to move forward with a decision that is not the right one. The idea of making a mistake is sometimes scarier than not doing anything.

I’ve noticed this a lot in my clients when it comes to their marketing. Online marketing is a complex field and it can be completely overwhelming. There are so many different platforms and channels you can use, and let’s not even start with knowing how to position your product or who your audience is.

It doesn’t help that every online marketer you talk to will recommend something different for you.

My recommendation when you’re dealing with overwhelm? Just do something.

Pick a direction, any direction, and move towards it. You must take action because you will never find the right answer sitting around thinking about it. Action brings clarity and once you get going you will quickly learn if it was the right choice for you.

Remember: You are allowed to change your mind and you are allowed to pivot your business as you go. This is what all successful businesses do: they follow the data and they change when their customers need them to.

This of course also applies to Facebook advertising. When advertising on Facebook you need to make a ton of decisions including:

  • What images or video to use
  • What marketing angles to take
  • Who to target the ads to
  • Which platforms to advertise on
  • What type of conversion you want users to make

I had a client recently that was nervous about not knowing what angle to market her product with in her ads. She didn’t feel like she was ready to start ads yet because she wanted to finish deciding how to position her product and maybe redo her website to focus on a different angle. I told her not to worry about it, and that yes, we were going to start ads immediately because the information we will get out of the data will answer any questions she might have and guide her marketing.

We tested a long list of different marketing angles for her product. It became clear pretty quickly through analyzing the Facebook data which was the one that resonated the most with people (hint: it wasn’t the one she thought it would be). What we learned can now be put to use in her other marketing including her website.

Facebook ads are more than just an advertising tool: they can be amazing for market research as well. When you run ads, you learn not just about what marketing angles work well, but who your best customers are, what messaging to use, and which platforms to reach them on. 

The author James Altucher once used Facebook ads to name his book. He ran ads with different book titles and selected the title that the most people clicked on ads for.

Maybe Facebook ads can be the solution to your decision fatigue as well. Not sure which online course you should make first? Test out related lead magnets on Facebook and see which one users download more. Not sure what audience to target your product to? Run ads and see which demographics respond best.

Overwhelm is something that I struggle with a lot too. Especially when paired with perfectionism it can be hard to want to move ahead on ideas because you want it to be just right. Business owners are so invested in their own business that the idea of making mistakes can be paralyzing.

But you have to keep taking steps forward. Pick a direction, move towards it and track everything so you know if it’s working. Adjust your direction if needed but don’t stop moving!  

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