4 Ways Organic Posting Helps Your Facebook Advertising

Organic reach on Facebook has been declining for years – that is, your posts that you don’t pay to promote are getting seen by fewer and fewer of your Facebook fans. Facebook is a pay to play model now and you’re not likely to see much success on it unless you invest in advertising spend!

But if you’re running advertising on Facebook one thing you might be wondering is: should I even bother to post on my Facebook page anymore?

The short answer is yes. Posting frequent organic posts on your Facebook page can help your paid campaigns perform better. If you care about growing your brand and building a relationship with your customers and potential customers then organic posts will be beneficial to you.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Build Trust

If someone sees your ad and then goes to your page and they see that you haven’t posted anything for 6 months, they might feel a little skeptical as to how active you are in your business. What if they need some customer support, will you be there to reply?

If you’re not showing up regularly and making an active presence in your business, that is often a warning sign for people to stay away and not purchase from you.

2. Increase Engagement

Organic posting makes your fans more likely to engage, even with your ads. If your Facebook fans see posts from you on a regular basis, they will be more likely to react positively to seeing one of your ads in their newsfeed, because it won’t feel too out of place.

Regular posting will help you build a relationship with your fans and allow them to get to know your business better. This will make them more receptive to your advertising.

3. Add Social Proof

Frequent posting grows your fanbase which adds social proof. When you post regularly you can grow your Facebook fans through organic means such as someone seeing that their friend liked your post and then going and following your page.

Having a larger Facebook following can increase the effectiveness of your ad campaigns as it provides social proof and credibility. If someone is considering buying from you, but sees that your Facebook page only has 200 followers, they may change their mind.

4. Build Relationships With New Fans

Organic posts aren’t the only way to grow your fanbase – often when you run ad campaigns it will attract new fans to your page as well.

If you’re not posting organically you’re missing out on the opportunity to nurture your current fanbase but also to grow a relationship with these new fans. They might not be ready to buy at the time they see your ad, but maybe the ad attracts them to your page and then 3 months later, after they’ve been seeing your organic posts for a while, they decide to purchase because you’ve remained top of mind.


Posting organically on Facebook will boost the effectiveness of your paid advertising campaigns, so if you are investing in your paid advertising on Facebook, take the extra time to work on your organic posting strategy.

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