Business Re-launch: Now Offering Sales Funnel Optimization

I’m really excited to announce the re-launch of my business Loop Digital Marketing!

While I previously offered a variety of services from web design to social media marketing, I am now specializing only in building and optimizing sales funnels. I’m taking a data-driven approach: I love testing different strategies, analyzing the results, and improving on them as we go. 

Have you ever noticed how much data Facebook spits out when you launch an ad campaign? Or have you ever opened your Google Analytics and felt completely overwhelmed by all the numbers available in there?

We have so much marketing data available to us and the amount is only growing. But so many businesses are still not taking advantage of all of this information.

I believe that data is the future of marketing (and honestly every industry) and learning how to use the data we have available is the only way to remain competitive in today’s changing marketing landscape.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a system for bring in a consistent flow of customers or clients. There are many different types of sales funnels but they typically include:

  • a source of traffic (usually advertising),
  • a landing page where the user first arrives,
  • and then other webpages that direct the user through the conversion process (whether that conversion is becoming a lead or purchasing a product).

A sales funnel also often includes automated emails to nurture leads until they are ready to buy.

There are many elements of sales funnels but today I’ll talk about optimizing two in particular that I focus on: the advertising (specifically Facebook ads) and landing pages. 

Facebook Advertising

Instead of running a few Facebook ads and then telling you how they did, I’ll test a variety of different marketing angles and variations of images, video, and copy (text). I’ll also test different audiences and targeting methods.

Facebook gathers a ton of data as the ads are running about who is clicking on which ads and who is buying. I analyze this information and can tell you things like what marketing angles work the best for which audiences, which demographics are buying from you, and what types of imagery or messaging resonates the most.

(Facebook is so much more than just an advertising tool – it’s amazing for market research!)

I adjust your ad strategy based on this information and modify the ads and/or run new ones to get even better results. Then when I get those results, I analyze them and adjust again. Optimization is about always improving so you are getting the best possible return for your ad budget.

Landing Pages

The webpage that a user lands on after clicking on an ad is called a landing page. You can have the best ads ever but if the landing page sucks, your marketing will fail. 

It’s important for a landing page to have similar messaging to the ads so that the sales funnel flows and users feel like they are on the right track. If they click on an ad that promotes a certain feature of your product, but that feature is not mentioned on the landing page, users are going to lose interest and leave.

Sometimes a landing page is created specifically for certain ad traffic and will be separate from the business’s main website. For my clients I sometimes build landing pages to match the ad campaigns that I am running for them which gives those campaigns the best possible chance for success.

Landing pages are optimized using split-testing, also known as A/B testing. This is when you send some of your traffic to one landing page and the rest of the traffic to another landing page and then see which landing page gets more conversions. The difference between the landing pages may be subtle, like a different headline, or it might be a completely different landing page altogether.


Through optimizing your ads and landing pages, we can learn what works for your business and what doesn’t and build a system that brings in consistent sales every month.

There are of course other factors in a sales funnel including the checkout pages, upsells and downsells, and email marketing but I will save those for other blog posts.

Who Needs Sales Funnel Optimization?

There are two types of businesses in particular that I am excited about working with because sales funnel optimization can be so valuable for them and the tracking makes it possible to optimize well. They are:

1. Ecommerce Businesses

If you’re selling products online, an effective sales funnel is critical to making sure that sales are coming in consistently. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to track ecommerce sales which means there’s no excuse for not optimizing your funnel.

2. Digital Product Creators

If you sell an online course, an ebook, or any other type of digital product, your sales funnel is key to getting new sales. Optimization can work wonders to helping you sort out what messaging to use on your sales pages, pricing strategies, and even who to target. Sales funnels for digital products can be a lot more complicated than for physical products which makes it extra important to look at the data and figure out what’s working.

If you’re interested in seeing if there’s a fit for us to work together, you can get in touch with me via my contact page.

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