7 Facebook Targeting Methods You Might Not Know About

Sometimes people that don’t work in advertising are shocked when I tell them how laser-targeted you can get with Facebook ads. It’s pretty amazing the data that Facebook has that we can use — and also a bit creepy depending on how you look at it!

Below are 7 ways that you can target ads on Facebook, along with a sample use case of what you could use it for. 

1. People that have visited specific pages on your website

Most people know you can retarget your website visitors, but you can also target them based on which pages they visited on your website.

Sample use case: If you have a service based business, target people that have visited both your “Services” and “Pricing” page within the past 7 days – talk about a hot lead!

2. Your Email List

You can upload your email list, or a segment of it, to run ads to them on Facebook.

Sample use case: If you notice a portion of people aren’t opening your emails, you can try to re-engage them with Facebook ads. Alternatively, you can export only the ones that open your emails frequently to run ads to those that are already receptive to your messaging. Go one step further and use that engaged list to create a lookalike audience for a lead generation campaign.

3. Customer List

Similar to your email list, you can upload the emails from people that have purchased one or multiple products from you.

Sample use case: If a customer has bought one of your products, target them to upsell a related one. However this is where exclusions help you get really specific: make sure to exclude the people that have already purchased the upsell. You should be using this exclusion in a lot of your campaigns – always exclude people that have already purchased the product from you if you’re running sales ads for a specific product (assuming your product is one that people only buy once).

4. Pin Drop Location

You might know that you can target by country, but you may not know that you can get really specific with the location targeting, down to a 1 mile radius of any location.

Sample use Case: If you sell golfing lessons, you can target people based on their interest in golf, but you don’t really know if they actually golf regularly, or maybe they just like watching it. With this feature you could target people with an interest in golf that have actually been to a golf course recently. Another use case is to target airports to reach people that are travelling.

5. Multiple Interests

Targeting based on interests is pretty cool already, but imagine what you can do with Facebook’s ability to target people that are interested in one thing and ALSO must be interested in another.

Sample use case: This is great for if you have a specific niche product, for example you sell an online training program that teaches yoga for horse back riding. You can target only people that have both yoga-related AND equestrian interests. 

6. Life Events

You can target people based on life events such as just got engaged or married.

Sample use case: I don’t think I have to explain the benefits of this one for those in the wedding industry! Another example is to sell mattresses or furniture to those who have recently moved.

7. Engaged Instagram Followers or Facebook Fans

You can target based on people that have recently interacted with your posts on either Facebook or Instagram (or both).

Sample use case: This is a good audience to target if you have an engaged, loyal fanbase on either Facebook or Instagram. This is a good option for when you need a warm audience that is already familiar with your brand.


Targeting on Facebook is one of the things that makes Facebook advertising so amazing. Being able to reach the right people at the right time and deliver the right message to them is a really powerful way to market.

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