Expertly managed Facebook ads

for eCommerce stores and course creators.

Expertly managed Facebook advertising for eCommerce stores and course creators.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is a powerful way to reach your potential customers and drive sales. When running ads, I use a data-driven process to make sure that every dollar of your ad spend is maximized to its full potential. Each month my clients receive invaluable market research data in addition to increased sales and positive ROI.

Landing Page Optimization

An ad campaign is only as successful as the landing page it leads to. When running ads, I will review your full sales funnel so that the entire customer experience flows well together. I also do A/B testing of your landing pages to get that conversion rate as high as possible.


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"Loop Digital worked with me to achieve my Facebook advertising goals. Leah was generous with her time, educating me along the way so I understood what was being implemented, and importantly, why. It was a pleasure to work with Leah and I look forward to working with her in the future."

-Anna A, One Happy Leaf


Leah Mazur - Marketing Strategist and Data Analyst

Leah's tech career started in web development where she realized the need for analytics to be an integral part of a company's website and digital marketing strategy. As she learned the ins and outs of analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, her career transitioned into data analysis.

She worked for Canada's #1 Facebook Advertiser analyzing millions of dollars of Facebook advertising data before launching her marketing consultancy. Aside from numbers, Leah loves travelling, hiking, painting and reading.

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