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Website Review of Square One Coaching

There is so much more to building a website than meets the eye. You have to think about design, user experience, SEO, conversion optimization, and so much more.

Sometimes when you are building your site it can just be too much to think about and you are too close to the project to see it objectively. If you feel that you aren’t seeing the results you want to with your website, or just feel it could use a few tweaks, then maybe you need a website review.

Here is one I did for Serena from Square One Coaching in Saskatoon, Canada. Watch the video below to see the recommendations that I make for Serena and you could learn a thing or two to implement on your own site.

Want to get your own site reviewed? For a limited time I am offering free website reviews to those that allow me to post the screencast publicly. Fill out the form below to apply. Note that this does not guarantee that you will get a review, but I will try to get to as many people as possible.

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