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Google Analytics Foundations

Training course for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Online Video Training Course

In your Google Analytics data is the key to unlocking true success with your website!

Knowing how to use your Google Analytics and how to properly analyze the data can give you a ton of insight into your website visitors and how to convert more of them into customers.

At the end of this course you will:
  • know how to properly set up and configure your Analytics account;
  • understand the basic reports and what the numbers mean;
  • be able to track how well your website is converting, and improve that conversion.

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Google Analytics Foundations is an online video training course meant for the busy entrepreneur or marketer that wants to learn Google Analytics fast! The course takes less than an hour to complete and covers all the basics of Google Analytics that you need to learn to start getting real insights out of your website data.

Course Modules

Unit 1: Account setup

1.1 Installing the tracking code

1.2 Accounts, Properties and Views

1.3 Creating Views and Filters

Unit 2: Reporting

2.1 Audience Overview

2.2 Date Range Selector

2.3 Annotations

2.4 Acquisition Overview

2.5 Behaviour Overview

2.6 Email and Custom Alerts

Unit 3: Goals

3.1 Determining Site Goals

3.2 Setting up goals

3.3. Goal Value

3.4 Viewing Goal Conversions in Your Data


Get Instant Access to Google Analytics Foundations

One-time Payment of $36 (USD)

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