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Google Analytics Kickstart

Get More Out of Your Analytics

What gets measured gets improved, so if you want to improve your website traffic and conversions, you need to be tracking that information on a regular basis. Google Analytics is the best free tool that you can use to monitor your website visitor data.

Your analytics data will help you find valuable information about your site visitors and what they are doing on your site. Then you can make informed decisions on how to improve your site, your marketing, and ultimately make more money.

But Google Analytics is a very powerful tool with a ton of settings, features, and reports, and it can be overwhelming to know what to look for when you are getting started.

That’s why I created the Google Analytics Kickstart, which will get you on your way to a better understanding of your website visitors (a.k.a. your potential customers and clients).

Getting your analytics account set up properly is the key to getting more out of your data. Most people with Google Analytics haven’t done anything more than install the tracking code, and checking it every once in a while.

With the kickstart, I will make sure that your account is configured based on your needs with your business so that you can track the data that truly matters to you.

I want to make sure that after the kickstart, you have a better understanding of how to use Google Analytics and how to read your data. That’s why I am also including a 30 minute Skype session where I will walk you through the reports and configurations that I’ve set up for you so that you understand your data better. I will also send you a PDF document that sums everything up so you have that to refer to whenever needed.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the Kickstart:

  • Testing the tracking code (or installing it on your site for you if you haven’t done that already)
  • Checking that all account settings are set up properly
  • Creating the 3 views recommended by Google to have on your account (a main view, a raw data view that serves as a backup, and a test view for testing new configurations)
  • Filtering out your own visits to your site to prevent the data from being skewed
  • Setting up spam filters (note that it’s not possible to filter out all spam)
  • Setting up site search tracking if you have search on your site
  • Creating 2 dashboards that will be customized for your needs so that you can easily check all the numbers that matter the most to you and your business
  • Setting up weekly or monthly email reports so you never forget to check on your data
  • Creating intelligence alerts that will let you know about important events happening on your website
  • Creating 3 goals on your site (customized to your needs) so that you can measure conversion and visitor engagement – a destination goal, duration goal, and a pages/session goal
  • a PDF for your reference about what I’ve set up for you and how to check up on it
  • a 30-min Skype call with me to explain your reports and data to you (because sometimes email just doesn’t cut it)

All of this is priced at just $250 USD! But until March 31st, I have a special launch price of only $199 USD.

Click the Buy Now button below to secure your purchase. After payment, you will be directed to an intake form where you will answer some questions about your site and your business so that I can learn more about your analytics needs.

Google Analytics Kickstart

  • Account configuration – including set up of goals, views, filters, and dashboards
  • A PDF reference document on how to read the data that matters
  • A 30 minute Skype call to go over your reports, what I’ve done for you, and any questions you have

Cost: $250 Just $199 until March 31st, 2016