Unlock the power of data
to improve your marketing.

Unlock the power of data
to improve your marketing.

The Loop Process

Strategy > Test > Analyze
Loop Digital offers testing and optimization services which help businesses maximize their marketing. We use a cyclical process with 3 stages:
  1. Strategy - develop a testing plan based on data
  2. Test - implement the plan and test multiple variations
  3. Analyze - find out the results and see what we’ve learned


Conversion Optimization

Brent has a product that he is selling online but would like to get more sales. With optimization, we can tweak his advertising and sales pages to boost his profit even higher.

Market Testing

Laura wants to sell her online course that she developed, but isn’t sure what the right messaging or price point is to get the most sales. We can help her find out so that when she launches, she knows her profit will be maximized.

Market Research and Validation

Jeff has an idea for a product he wants to develop, but isn’t sure if it will be successful, or who would buy it. We can help him find out if his idea could be profitable and who his target market is.

Lead Generation

Amy needs email leads for her consulting services. We can optimize her ads and landing pages to help her maximize her advertising budget and get the most, highest-quality leads.

What do we test?

Facebook Ads

You’ve probably heard that if you have a business, you need to be using Facebook advertising. We test many different combinations of ad creatives, analyze what works best, then tweak and repeat until we find that sweet spot (then we test some more!).

Web Pages

We don’t stop with just the ads - once visitors get to your website, we split test your webpages to find out how to provide them with the best user experience that encourages them to convert (aka buy or sign-up)!

Working with us is like getting a head start - we’ve tested so many different ads and landing pages that we already have an idea of what works!

Who We Are

Leah Mazur - Web Developer and Data Analyst
After working as a web developer for several years, Leah realized the need for analytics to be an integral part of a company’s website and digital marketing. As her career path transitioned into data analysis, she had the opportunity to analyze website traffic and user behaviour from millions of users across every industry. Aside from numbers, Leah loves hiking, painting and reading.

Loop Me In!

I'm excited to hear from you! Email leah@loopdigital.ca to get started with optimizing your marketing!