Unlock the power of data
to improve your marketing.

Unlock the power of data
to improve your marketing.

How We Help

  1. Formulate Strategy
  2. Implement A/B Tests
  3. Analyze Data


Conversion Optimization

Competing in the digital world today can be challenging. The internet is always changing - therefore your marketing tactics should too. At Loop Digital we A/B test Facebook and Instagram Ads, product or service sales funnels, and marketing messaging. The team uses the data collected from the A/B tests to improve your company's marketing strategy.

Market Validation

Have a new product you want to test in the market? We can help you with that. At Loop Digital we can test out the market for you and deliver a detailed report that includes market insights, audience demographics, and the best performing ways to position your product.

What is Conversion Optimization?

In the world of digital marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a practice used to increase the percentage of consumers who visit a website into customers. CRO can be used to increase any desired action you want your consumer to take - it is a constant iterative process (like a Loop!)

Why should everyone optimize?

It’s easy. The better the user experience, the more conversions you’ll make. Imagine what you could do with that extra 1% increase in sales...

Who we are

Three young entrepreneurs living in Kelowna, BC met while working for Canada's Largest Facebook Advertiser. After realizing how well they worked together, Leah, Julia, and Amanda came together to launch their dream marketing agency - Loop Digital Marketing!

Read about our awesome team of three - check out our bios below!

Amanda Hoeschle
Amanda is a super hero when it comes to project management and client solutions. She has experience keeping a team of over 30 on track by implementing company-wide processes. Amanda has also helped drive millions of dollars of revenue by optimizing clients’ landing pages. Amanda loves spending her spare time with family and friends and occasionally enjoying a glass of wine (perks of living in wine country!).

Julia Ufimzeff
Julia’s created thousands of Facebook ads with daily budgets between $10,000-$50,000 - generating over $10 million dollars of revenue! She can validate a product within a market, optimize and lower advertising costs, and see which audiences resonate best within industries. After work, she’s a wedding photographer that loves exploring the outdoors, hiking and going on adventures!

Leah Mazur
After working as a web developer for several years, Leah realized the need for analytics to be an integral part of a company’s website and digital marketing. As her career path transitioned into data analysis, she had the opportunity to analyze website traffic and user behaviour from millions of users across every industry. Aside from numbers, Leah loves hiking, painting and reading.

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