Unlock the power of data
to improve your marketing.

Unlock the power of data
to improve your marketing.

Data-Driven Marketing Consulting

Conversion Optimization

Do you have a landing page or sales page that you think could perform better? By split-testing your traffic, we can test different variations of your pages to find out what makes people buy.

Market Research and Validation

If you have an idea for a product or service you'd like to develop, we can help you discover if it could be profitable and who your target market is. Or if you're not sure what the right messaging or price point is for an existing product, we can test that too.

Lead Generation

Need to get high-quality leads for your business? Let us take care of it for you!

Sales Funnels

Automate your marketing with a sales funnel that helps you guide your prospects through the buying cycle.

Facebook Advertising

There is a lot of data behind Facebook Ads, are you taking advantage of it? We can plan and run your Facebook Ad campaigns, or simply analyze the data from them and tell you how to improve and maximize your ad budget.


Leah Mazur - Marketing Strategist and Data Analyst
Leah's tech career started in web development where she realized the need for analytics to be an integral part of a company's website and digital marketing strategy. As she learned the ins and outs of analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, her career transitioned into data analysis. She worked for Canada's #1 Facebook Advertiser analyzing millions of dollars of Facebook advertising data before launching her marketing consultancy. Aside from numbers, Leah loves travelling, hiking, painting and reading.

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